Corporate and Business Counselling and Coaching

Workplace Counselling

Workplace counselling is a confidential counselling service that I provide to businesses and organisations. Workplace counselling is a short-term service that an employer can provide free to their employees who need to avail of it. Usually the employer funds for between 6-12 counselling sessions for an employee.

Research has shown that providing workplace counselling in an organisation is a win win situation for both employees and employers. Employees feel supported, happier, more positive and secure. Employers save money through reduced absenteeisn costs and have a more cohesive and productive workforce.

A 2010 systematic study conducted by McLeod showed that workplace counselling interventions have been found to reduce sickness absence rates in organisations by as much as 50%. Furthermore, an evaluation by the University of Manchester in 1990 found that the introduction of a workplace counselling service at the Post Office saved it 102,000 pounds over a 6 month period. 

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Business Coaching

Business coaching and mentoring services are also another service that I provide to business owners, managing directors, managers and HR departments.


When working with businesses I am aware that from the outside, it’s easy to assume that the sole determinant of a successful business is profitability. After all, profitability paves the way for growth and keeps a business competitive. However, profitability is often dependent on multiple factors: a good product; teams that communicate well; and employees who are motivated, well-trained and committed to the company goals. Success is also tied to a business’ ability to identify and resolve workplace issues at both the individual and organizational level.


My role as a business coach is to help the company examine, identify and essentially resolve these identified workplace issues. I am able to assess individual, group and organizational dynamics and use that insight to identify solutions to problems that improve the well-being and performance of an organization and its employees. I look at questions such as: How are decisions made? How effective is communication? How do team members interact and collaborate? Knowing the answers to these questions and many others help business owners assess where to change systems and dynamics to make their company function better.

At the beginning of the coaching engagement, the first session focuses on exploring and attempting to identify the current workplace issues. Once the workplace issues have been identified a plan is devised and worked through over multiple weekly sessions. The amount of sessions needed are dependent upon the severity of the issue and the particular goals that the business wants to achieve.

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